5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Are you feeling like no one is reading your blog posts? Are you creating amazing, value-packed posts with opt-ins to grow your list but it’s not working? Have you tried using Pinterest? Pinterest is the second largest search engine behind Google. Here are some tips on how to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest.

Create Pinterest Friendly Images.

I make my Pinterest images 1200×1800 in dimension. Long images tend to do best on Pinterest. I will usually place this image at the beginning of the post or at the end, and remind people to Pin the image so they can bookmark the blog post. Overlay the headline of your blog onto your image (you’ll see an example at the bottom of my post). I use AdobeStock for my images. BONUS TIP: add your blog URL somewhere on the image so if it gets shared, people know where to find you.

Pin To Various Boards

Start joining community boards so more of your content will be seen. Also make sure to pin to your own boards. Want to grow your following? Strategy is the same as Instagram or Twitter – start following others and engaging with their content and you will organically grow your followers. I am part of community boards and Facebook groups too. People in the Facebook group will drop links, but also commit to pinning each other’s links within 24 hours. There are a ton of groups – search and I guarantee you’ll find one in your niche. The more your content gets out there (and not just on Pinterest), the more you will grow your brand.

Adjust The Caption

When you add the pin, make sure the caption for the image is catchy. Sometimes it will autofill with the file name of your image. Provide detail and value for the person who is searching on Pinterest – why should they click through? You don’t just have to stick to the headline of your blog post. Change it up or add in more text. 


Don’t just pin once and forget it. Go through once a month and re-pin your content to other boards. This way, it will show up at the top of people’s feeds again. You can pin to new boards on your account (which is why it’s important to create many boards) or join group boards. I just started using Tailwind, which is a Pinterest scheduling program. So far, I love it!

Optimize Your Photo Name

When you upload a photo to your blog post, it asks for a file name. Don’t leave it at IMG_6793. You want to make sure it’s searchable (this helps with Google search). For example, my file below is named “pinterest-images” which might help it come up in Google searches. Make sure the alt-tag has your key words. For example, a blog post with 5 Ways To Use Pinterest will have an image ready to pin AND needs to have the alt-tag be keyword friendly so it’s searchable…alt-tag might be “ways to use pinterest.” This article explains more: https://yoast.com/image-seo-alt-tag-and-title-tag-optimization/

Ready to pin this article? Here’s an example of how I create my images:

5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest | pattyrivas.com

The image name is pinterest-tips and the alt-tag is 5 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest | pattyrivas.com. I used Photoshop to create this but you can use free tools like Canva or Picmonkey.

Are you using Pinterest? What are your main questions or struggles with Pinterest? I really believe this platform is a great way to grow your blog and get more leads.

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