How To Use Instagram Stories For Your Brand

With new social platforms being created every day, it has become difficult for companies to choose which to utilize in order to efficiently market their brands. Companies need to act quick if they want to seize the opportunity before it’s too late.

That’s why we’re here to talk about one of the newer social platform additions: Stories on Instagram. Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat stories in the way that users can take pictures and post them for all of their followers to see. So how can brands use Instagram Stories to boost sales and gain a competitive advantage?

How To Use Instagram Stories

  • Direct to Website: If you do not have a link on your Instagram page that takes customers to your company website, do this now! A seamless integration of your website link on your page will make users more likely to visit and potentially purchase your products or services. By using the Instagram story feature, you can post pictures or small video clips of your products or services and subtly add a caption saying “Click for more info using the link in our bio!” I actually just did this for a client, and within an hour of posting on their Instagram story, 233 people viewed the photo. A handful took it a step further and messaged us to let us know they clicked our link!
  • Make a Personality: These days, internet users love to interact with a brand online that does not spit out almost robot-like responses. On Instagram, you can add behind-the-scenes type clips that give your company a personality. It’s important to note, the more effective you want your personality to be, the more consistent you need to be. If you are giving out a sarcastic personality vibe, be consistent and keep that personality so that users will feel a closer and more real connection.
  • Real-Time Product Use: Sometimes it’s hard to know if a product is going to work like you think it will. Using Instagram Stories, companies can showcase their products in real time to give potential customers a taste of the usability of their products. This will have users more inclined to purchase the product if they see it is what they have been searching for. It also allows you to collect feedback from your fans throughout your creation process.

Now that Instagram Stories is seamlessly integrated into the app, brands should utilize the fact that they can have real-time content one click away from thousands of potential customers.


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